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Tibetan Meditation Singing Bowls

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Tibetan Meditation SINGING BOWL 

Harmonically-balanced, 5 3/8 - 5 5/8".

iSingingBowls Legendary-quality® singing bowls are known as the finest caliber of singing bowls available in the world. Legendary-quality® means that these bowls have passed stringent tests for authentic antiquity, harmonic balance of sound, smoothness and ease of playing, sound volume and long sustain. Our best-of-breed products are used by: meditators, sound healers, therapists, yoga teachers, yoga students, alternative healers and musicians throughout the world.


Our founder, Rain Gray, has spent 37+ years in the Himalayas researching, recording, and collecting singing bowls and making them available to customers worldwide. 


Tibetan Meditation Singing Bowl #4: New CB

  • Diameter: 5 3/8" to 5 5/8" (13.7 - 14.3 cm)
  • Average Weight: 1.25 lbs. (570 grams)
  • Fundamental & Rim tones: harmonically balanced 
  • Hand-forged, mixed-alloy bell-metal bronze
  • Circa: 21st Century (contemporary/new) 
  • Type: Cup Bowl (small "Thadobati")